Sunday, 17 April 2011

It was never my intention ...

... to start a collection. It's spring, and I want to feel lighter and get rid of old things. So we went up on the attic, where I found these old memories :-)

I'm a very big fan of pimenton powder! It's not very hot and it has a wonderful smokey flavor. So I can use it in almost anything. It's wonderful in meatballs :-) Anyway, it started with one of the cans at the bottom of this pyramid (Titan), which I bought on the Canary Islands many years ago. And then it just has continued. Now it's possible to buy pimenton here in Stockholm, so that probably takes the "edge" of my collection. But anyway, enjoy this pyramid :-)

And here are some other chile powders.

They are from friends, Hungary and France.  We were in Budapest visiting my friend Gabor, where we of course bought some chiles on the market :-)

We visited France in 2004, and went to the La fête du piment - in Espelette.

Some more pictures here:

And this last can. It has a great story. We were in Mexico, and found this 2,8 kg can with jalapeños. Of course we had to buy it. But it was a challenge to get it in the suitcase, and we were so nervous that it was going to break. But it didn't. So I think we need to keep the can for a little longer. It will survive at least another year! It's a nice can with the actual image and text printed on the can. Not on paper like the cans today...

Hot regards from your spring cleaning can collecting...


  1. La Costeña products are available allover Brooklyn NY in Latino stores.

    Have some of those.

    The El Yucateco hot sauce "aztec recipe" (neither the green nor the red one, this one is brown-ish) is really a great hot sauce. tastes like a fresh smoky habanero.

  2. Hi Stefano!
    I've had both the red and green El Yucateco, but never the brown-ish. I need to keep my eyes open for it :-) I have a couple of favorite latin stores here in Stockholm. Need to check them out again.


  3. It tastes so much better, really fresh than the more common red and green sauces. A small bottle here is $1.80 or something like that.