Sunday, 20 March 2011

And more signs of spring!

I'm going to stay focused on chile peppers here, but with this major excitement I can't help to show you these signs of spring!

The first snowdrops we saw this year!!!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Signs of spring

Looking back on this very long winter, it's with sincere joy I watch the ice melt!

And go playing basketball in the park with Carl :-)
Three! Goal!!!

Happy Carl.


We just had to go out tonight and take some pictures of the extra large moon.

Impressive moon! I don't believe in the doomsday stuff, but on the other hand I definitely think it's logical that the moon affects us, since we consist of 55-75% water...

Final pots for three

Time flies and the bright daylight makes the chiles grow fast!

So I decided to repot three varieties into their "final" pots. It's the PI 596058 Chuquisac, Orange baccatum and the aji limon. All are Capsicum baccatum. As always, I plant them deep, and cover the stems with soil. The plants will develop roots, and will be more steady, when they are moved out to the balcony.

The chaos will soon begin. Here they are well positioned in our living room. How will it look, when the remaining 10+ plants will be repotted? :-)

I think today is a good day for repotting because of the "supermoon" :-) Check this out. It's a beautiful picture!

Wishing you all a great weekend!