Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Trying to grow Pequin from Ischia in the Zengrow

Inspired after the "salad" discussions earlier, I decided to put some Pequin from Ischia seeds in the Zengrow. It's my first attempt to grow chiles in the Zengrow, so that's going to be exciting!

What I remember from the Pequin from Ischia is that it's a very compact plant, so I hope it's going to be perfect in the Zengrow.

More about this later.

Best wishes for a good week!


  1. Hi Mats,
    Looks great. Maybe the lamps can give some extra heat...
    Saturday I returned from the Biofach and the same evening I have put your seeds in the water. They were planted next day. I will keep you posted about the results... I have started a blog but the stupid thing is that I have started it in Dutch... http://zengrow-tabletopgarden.blogspot.com/
    A side your Pequin, I have seeded some starters specimen like Cayenne and Jalapeno.
    I am considering to place a link using Google translate and to so have the blog in English.


  2. Hi Bas!

    That sounds great! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, since the seeds are some years old. I'm still waiting for my seeds to germinate.

    Actually, with a *little* imagination, Dutch isn't that distant from Swedish. When reading out loud, it's sometimes not so hard to understand. But of course, I actually think that Google translate does a better job :-)

    Good luck!