Tuesday, 15 February 2011


My Chuquisac was the next in line to be repotted. I keep the small plants in my mini-greenhouse, under extra lights, so I don't look at them every day. But this morning a green "shadow" caught my attention. It was the Chuquisac that knocked on the plastic ceiling telling me it needed more space.

As you see here, I had four seedlings in a small pot. After repotting I only keep two in a larger pot.

What amazed me again, was the strong roots that it had developed. As always, when I have tall plants, I repotted it deep. So I covered all the visible roots, and a couple of extra centimeters of the stem.

More about this strong rooted Capsicum baccatum later.

Hot regards from a cold Sweden


  1. is that sort from Chuquisaca (Sucre) Bolivia?

  2. Hi! I got the seeds from USDA some years ago, and they say it's from Bolivia. So it's a good guess.

  3. Looks great Mats! Amazing roots!

  4. And nice Macro lens you have :)
    What medium ar you using btw?

  5. Hi Bas! Thanks. The camera I used for these picturs is a Canon Powershot G10. My old companion.

    I am no advanced soil specialist :-) So the medium is standard soil with perlite on top.