Sunday, 27 February 2011

Repotting Sunday

While Patricia and Carl goes skiing in the morning, I take care of the chiles. Time to repot my Mexican chiltepin, my black pepper and Pimenta da Neyde (that I got from Patrik).

Here they are, the tres amigos, ready to be repotted :-) On the first picture we have the black pepper and pimenta da Neyde. I really suspect that they are the same variety. They both come from Brazil. So it will be interesting to see how they develop.

You know, naming conventions in the wonderful world of chiles can be really really confusing. Sometimes there are the same name for different varieties, even in different species. And sometimes there are different names for the same variety.

When I started my web site, I seriously had the ambition to bring order into the naming chaos. But I gave up after a couple of years. Nowadays, I mostly enjoy the beauty and diversity of the plants and fruits.

Anyway, here they are :-)

And here is my Mexican chiltepin ready to be repotted. Chiltepins are nice plants. I  keep four in the same pot, hoping for a nice harvest this year.

Wishing you all a nice Sunday!


  1. Härliga bilder Mats!
    Vad är din erfarenhet av att ha flera plantor i samma kruka. Blir lite lockad av att prova det när jag ser hur bra du lyckas.

  2. Hej Patrik!

    Det brukar funka bra. OK, det beror ju lite på storleken på krukan, och storleken på plantan. Baccatum och pubescens vill väl kanske ha lite mer plats, men som sagt, i stort så funkar det bra.

    Trevlig helg!