Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pequin from Ischia in the Zengrow

What a great surprise! My old Pequin from Ischia has germinated in the Zengrow!

This is not the best picture. It's my basil jungle taking over the Zengrow, but you can see the small seedlings there. 




  1. Nice Mats, that is great. How many days did it take them to germinate? Mine are still 'underground'.

  2. Hi Bas! It took 19-20 days. But we did have quite low temperatures (16-17 C) indoors for two weeks. I hope your seeds work out fine!

  3. Ok, today it is 14 days ago they have been seeded. So if things go as as they are supposed to it should happen next week :)

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  5. Hi Mats, how are you? How are the Pequins' in your zengrow developing?
    Mine is going really slow. I have moved the Zengrow to a place with more natural light to see if this is causing the slow start.

    The last two seeds I had left I have seeded in jiffy pellets. Hopefully they'll germinate...
    In case non will germinate i will take the pequin out the Zengrow and put in soil into my indoor garden.

    Have a great week!

  6. Hi Bas!
    Good to hear from you! Everything is fine here. More daylight! Less snow! Higher temperatures :-) Great for the spirit!

    My pequin is also growing slowly. I messed it up, and put a lemongrass in the same "socket". It developed roots quite quickly, so I think it may be disturbing the pequin. I will need to separate them somehow. And on top of that mess, I got aphids in the Zengrow.

    Well, nothing new, but the life of a chile enthusiast can be both hard and rewarding :-)

    Hope you are fine! Have a great week you too!