Monday, 3 January 2011

We have started!

Today is the day! The beginning of the chile year 2011 :-)

I have cut down a lot on the number of seeds that I keep at home, but it is still very very hard to choose what to grow!

The themes for this year is a mix of "greatest hits", chinense and some (for me) new exciting varieties. The first six are old Brazilian favorites. Followed by some new varieties.
  1. Maraba (Capsicum chinense)
  2. Malagueta large Salvador 2001 (Capsicum frutescens)
  3. Malagueta liten Salvador 2001 (Capsicum frutescens)
  4. Malagueta medium Salvador 2001 (Capsicum frutescens)
  5. Cheiro de Para Recife 2001 (Capsicum chinense)
  6. Caronog '01 (Capsicum chinense)
  7. PI 596058 - Chuquisac (Capsicum baccatum)
  8. Florida bird pepper (Capsicum annuum)
  9. PI 585259 (Capsicum pubescens)
  10. Girino GRM
  11. Black pepper
  12. Chiltepin Mexico (Capsicum annuum)
  13. Pimenta da Neyde (Capsicum annuum)
  14. Goat pepper
  15. Orange baccatum (Capsicum baccatum)
  16. Black Cayman (Capsicum chinense)
  17. St. Kitt's Red (Capsicum chinense)
  18. Aji Limon (Capsicum baccatum)
  19. "Curly Looks" - a cactus! (Epiphyllum guatemalense)
I'm hoping for a hot summer, so the chinense will enjoy it!

Here we have my helper, planting seeds!

And here I am with a seed envelope...

The team ...

... in action.


More seeds...

And more....


Anyone else who has started? Do you have any "themes" or favorites for this year?



  1. Ciao Mats,

    well done!

    It's almost time for me to start chosing the 2011 varieties to grow...

  2. congratulations! hope it will be a succesful year.

  3. Great! Now more and more get going. It will be nice to follow all progress from around the community.

    My start was Dec 27, and to my surprise the first plants came up already on Jan 1 (Serrano and Early Jalapeno). The day after, another variaty of the Serrano came up followed by a Santa Fe... and counting. Reports on my blog.

    Did you get the Hot Orange (of whatever it is) Was that the Orange Baccatum in your list perhaps?

    My theme seems to be Pubescens, but that was not planned as a theme, it's just that I enjoy the Rocoto's so much.

  4. Marco, when will you start?

    David, thanks! The same to you!

    Jan, that's great news! Already up! You are leading :-) Yes, it's the Hot Orange. I have to blame the name confusion on my jet lag. Thanks for the seeds!

  5. Wow Mats! What à great collection! Leta hope you will the same success as last year. I have started with the chienense. Somehow I always grow those superhots. But I also grow à mild white habanero. Great pictures as usual. Did you find any new peppers in India?

  6. Hi Patrik!

    No new peppers from India :-( But we got us some nice curries and other spices. So that was great :-)