Saturday, 8 January 2011

And the fastest one this year is ...

... Aji Limon (Capsicum baccatum). Thank you Allen :-)

It's always exciting to follow the development of the seedlings in the mini greenhouse. This year I am trying to germinate some really old seeds that are 8-10 years old. So I wonder if they will germinate at all. What doesn't one do to increase the excitement :-)

Looking at the seedlings is a good therapy these "lightless" days in January. When we went out this morning, we saw this bike. I wonder when the owner plans to go on a ride with it. My guess is - not in the nearest future....

Have a hot weekend!


  1. GO Aji, GO!
    Is that what they call a "icecle" ;)

  2. Komiskt:) i närheten av av Chakula (Min favorit lunchrestaurang - nära Mats Orangeri) såg jag i höstas en Cyckel som vär helt överväxt av något ogräs/växt. Kanske samma:)