Sunday, 22 August 2010

These yellow ones are really hot. Two is enough!

That's what Carl said when he had picked these two for lunch.

And I think he is right. This year, our Peru Yellow is hotter than I remember. It's still one of my favorite chiles. Thin, crisp flesh with a fresh taste of citrus. Yum!


  1. Is this the same as Hot Lemon? Looks the same and I've read somewhere that it might be.

  2. Hi Jan!

    This is an interesting question. I I think that it's not easy to tell whether they are the same or not. I used to grow Hot Lemon ( Comparing "my" Peru Yellow to "my" Hot Lemon, Peru Yellow was more "crisp" and hotter.

    But, on the other hand - I am very careful in making conclusions about chile varieties. It's very easy to make conclusions based on just one sample, and it could be completely wrong. Sometimes I have the same variety in two different pots on the same balcony. And one variety in one pot may grow big, while the other one gets tiny. One year, one variety really explodes with flowers and fruits, and the next year it doesn't produce anything. And so on. So in my opinion there are so many factors we need to consider before nailing down the attributes of a chile, and we should therefore be careful not to make too quick conclusions.

    Phew, that was a long reply to a short question. Obviously I'm in deep thought tonight :-)

    Have a nice hot week!

  3. I have a hot lemon that I bought for 2 $ at the farmers market and looks almost the same. Hit but not as much as some scotch bonnets imported from the caribbean. The plant came with 3 ripe peppers but as I repotted it in a slighly larger pot it started blooming and making more pods ...

    It is from the company Burpee/