Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ripe rocopicas

Yesterday's heat was great for the chiles! Resulting in four ripe rocopicas. Also the peru yellow got a boost, and many pods turned yellow.

The rocopica is a special one. It combines the fantastic massive heat of the rocoto, with the more explosive heat of the cardenasii. Many thanks to Joe Carrasco ( for developing this great chile!

More rocopica pictures here:

I know what is going to be for lunch already :-) Fresh rocopicas and peru yellows :-)

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. Ciao Mats,

    you're going to have a nice lunch!

  2. Ciao Marco!

    Yes, it was great! I'm even sweating in my eyes now :-) Fantastic heat!


  3. He he, sweating eyes.... Sure you didn't cry? ;)

    Anyway, it's nice looking fruits you have there.

    I'm checking my Rocoto's every day now, they are changing color rapidly. One brown and the other one white (well yellow in real life)

  4. Hi Jan!

    Yeah, maybe I was crying! Didn't think of that :-)

    Chiles never leave you unaffected. I usually say that it is hard not start laughing when you encounter one of those super hot fruits. But maybe it also is the opposite!

    Good luck with your rocotos! They are very special, and have always been a favorite of mine!