Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My Capsicum annuum from Goa

I can't believe it is almost two years ago we were on our yoga retreat in Goa. That was absolutely fantastic. We lived more or less on the beach, did yoga every day, sunshine and good food. What more could one ask for?

Yes, maybe some chiles :-)

Of course I did what I always do when I'm abroad. That is - looking for chile peppers! We stopped at a grocery stand at the road, and I asked the woman for chile peppers. She did not have any chiles there. But she asked her son to run into their house, to get some dried chiles that they had for home use. So she sold me some of those.

Here is my "Indian from Goa". The plant was in a very poor condition after the strong winds earlier this year, but it survived, and has some flowers and tiny pods that I hope will grow bigger.



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