Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer solstice

Capsicum cardenasii
I have tried to grow this species from different seed sources during the years, but I have never really managed to get it to enjoy it on my balcony. Hoping for the best this year.

The flowers don't look like other cardenasii that I have grown, but I think they are beautiful anyway!

If you want to compare with my other cardenasii pictures, you find them here:

Another name for Capsicum cardenasii is ulupica, and it is believed to be the 'mother' of all Capsicum. That leads me to show a flower picture of one of my other varieties that I grow this year.

Rocopica is a cross between a rocoto (Capsicum pubescens) and cardenasii. Also with purple flowers.

This plant is from seeds that I started in 2008, so I have kept it for some years. It seems to enjoy the Stockholm climate a lot, because last year it produced lots and lots of fruits. And it seems to like it even this year. So that's nice :-) Here is a picture from last year. The fruits are very hot, with an intense heat.

More rocopica pictures here:

Wishing you all a nice summer solstice!


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