Sunday, 6 June 2010

Making powder in June

Always the question - what to do with all the chiles?

When we were in Goa, India a year ago, I bought some dried chiles from a woman in a grocery tent. I'm growing this variety this year, and it is slowly gaining size. But still no flowers. Anyway, I decided to make a powder from the remaining pods. A good, moderate heat. In other words - a powder that can be used in everyday cooking.

Another favorite of mine is pimenta cumari. A quite common variety in Brazil. I've grown cumari in different species - both C. baccatum and C. praetermissum, so there is not only "one" cumari variety. This is how they look dried. Tepin-sized pods.

And here is a picture with immature pods. Very nice plant.

Some more examples can be found here:
and here


  1. Hi Mats, sad about your peppers. I am sure the will recover though. Great post anyway. Your Cumari photo is great! I have grown a chinense called cumari, also a great pepper.

  2. Hi Patrik!

    Thanks! Yes, you are right. Chiles have a tendency to recover. Hoping for the best.