Sunday, 13 June 2010

After the storm

Yesterday we had very strong winds all day and all through the evening.

In other words - that was not a good day for chile plants on a balcony in Stockholm. Chile plants are not fond of strong winds.

Examining the plants this morning was not fun. My cheiro from Recife has lost all the leaves. The leaves on the cardenasii is dry and lifeless. Branches are broken, and fruits have dropped.

I will let the plants be until tonight, but I will need to dust off my barber skills, and start cutting them. Hoping that they after all are OK.


  1. that is very bad to see...I still have memories of what hail has done on my plants on june 1st...

  2. Ciao Marco! Yes. As we all chileheads know - one develops a very close relationship with the plants. They are more or less family members. Well, I think in this case, most of them will survive. Hoping for sunny, warm, calm days in the near future. Ciao, Mats