Saturday, 22 May 2010

With a little help from my friends

With the chiles out on the balcony, I got unexpected help with the aphid problem today. It definitely came from an unexpected source.

A tiny spider got a good meal tonight. Actually, I didn't know that spiders eat aphids. Flies and insects yes, but not aphids. But now I know!

I think this specific spider will take some time to digest tonight's meal :-)

Sorry for the unsharp images, but it's windy tonight, and I was in a hurry :-)


  1. That was some great pictures anyway. It's rare to be able to catch these moments. Thatns for sharing.

  2. Great Mats! Allways nice to have a friend in the pepper garden! Have you put the plats outside now?

  3. Hi Patrik! Yes, they are all outside now. Even the small ones that I still haven't repotted. But maybe it's time to do that any day now. So - I'm set for the summer :-)