Saturday, 24 April 2010

Can chiles be lovers?

This is my "Olho de pombo". I didn't know the species when I started the seeds, but I think it's a Capsicum chinense judging from the flowers.

I've grown chile peppers for 15 years now. But - I have never seen two flower buds hug. It is almost like they are in love. Aren't they beautiful? Nature is fantastic!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Ninety seven days

Growing chiles brings things into perspective in many ways.

After growing chiles for some years, I still think it's fantastic that you start with a small seed in soil in the beginning of the year. And a half year later, you have a big bush with lots of fruits. Many factors come into play when growing chiles. The kind of soil, the light conditions, fertilizer and so on. But even if they all are treated more or less the same, some varieties or even some plants from the same variety grow differently.

Another perspective that continues to amaze me is the relativity of heat and taste. But of course that's another story.

Today, my wild Capsicum chinense that I got from my friend Patrik opened its first flower. Tiny tiny flowers. Looks promising. I love the heat and taste of the wild chinense. I put the seeds in soil on January 5th, so it's quite fast for being a Capsicum chinense. 97 days.

So my conclusion is - maybe 2010 is a chile pepper year. I have kept growing notes for at least 10 years now, and I actually believe that some years tend to be good for chile pepper growing, while other years are not so well suited. I wonder about the factors that come into play here. Have you experienced the same?