Sunday, 14 March 2010

Coffee grounds and baking soda?


No illustration this time, but want to tell that I'm trying a new fertilizer on some of my chiles. I've read the coffee grounds (Swedish translation: kaffesump) and baking powder can be used as fertilizer. So that's what I started to use today. I'm an espresso guy, so I use some of the "left-overs" from the espresso in the water. And also a pinch of baking powder.

Anyone with experience from this?

I use a lot of chick peas, beans and sprouts in my cooking. I've used the remaining water from the soaking the beans, to water the chiles. And I think that has worked well. No scientific study behind that, but my habanero is flowering, and looks good anyway. So it can't be wrong. Or?



  1. Sounds great, I am also an espresso guy. Please keep us updated. I have always spread coffee grounds in our kitchengarden, not so much for fertilizer but the it seems that the bugs and snails does not like coffee;) and maybe a better soilstructure(?!?)

  2. I used it for my hops, and together with kompostjord it worked pretty fine.

  3. Coffee grounds contain a lot of nitrogen so it is great for vegetative growth (if you can live with the smell), less so for flowering and fruiting.

  4. Thanks for your replies! That sounds great! Then I will continue. Yes, I'm somewhat concerned about the smell. At least until it gets warm enough to move the plants outdoors.

  5. Hello Mats, I am kind of a chemistry freak. I compared Coffee ground to the fertilizer chili Focus that is manufactured. The comparison of the N-P-K of Chili Focus was 3:1,0:4,4. Whilst Cofee Ground is Coffee Grounds: 2.0/0.36/0.67 ( according to the What that means is that the ratio of cofee ground is if you multiply it by two N-P-K 4.0:0,72:1,34. So Coffee grounds is perfect except in the Potassium sense. The plants will need some more potassium adding ( depending on the soil of course) for the fruit development. That is if Chili Focus fertilizer formula will be used as some form of guideline. I can check what kind of other mikronutrients it contains later. I have written a bit about it on it is in swedish.

  6. I made some calculations on how much 100 gram dry coffee ground can support a chile plant in term of fruit weight of a plant. Based on only on Potassium. It is unfortunately in swedish but here is the link.