Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring equinox

What can be more suitable than repotting some chiles on the spring equinox?

This morning I repotted three old favorites.


Which is a nice C. baccatum that I got from the farm of Patricia's uncle near Rio de Janeiro. Though it usually grows quite big, I keep three in the same pot.

Capsicum cardenasii

I've never really succeeded with the cardenasii. But I'm trying once again.

Cheiro from Recife

This one is from seeds from a cheiro that we bought in Recife. I appreciate the cheiro a lot, and enjoy the typical habanero taste, without really being especially hot. Great on crisp bread :-)


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Coffee grounds and baking soda?


No illustration this time, but want to tell that I'm trying a new fertilizer on some of my chiles. I've read the coffee grounds (Swedish translation: kaffesump) and baking powder can be used as fertilizer. So that's what I started to use today. I'm an espresso guy, so I use some of the "left-overs" from the espresso in the water. And also a pinch of baking powder.

Anyone with experience from this?

I use a lot of chick peas, beans and sprouts in my cooking. I've used the remaining water from the soaking the beans, to water the chiles. And I think that has worked well. No scientific study behind that, but my habanero is flowering, and looks good anyway. So it can't be wrong. Or?


Saturday, 13 March 2010

First flower

A sign of spring. My overwintered habanero is starting to set flowers!

Isn't it great :-)

Hot Regards,

Major repotting day!

It's been a month since my last update. Actually not much has happened in the pots. Well, that's not completely true. Of course - the chiles have grown quite a lot. So today I repotted some into the large pots.

Spring feels closer, but still distant. This is how it looked just a week ago. Carl is acting reference point for the snow and the bench.

Olho de pombo

Serranos make my mouth water, so I have six plants. Three in each pot. That's probably going to be a little too crowded. But they have to learn how to adjust :-)

Prik dae luang
This is a new one for me, and I'm happy that it's looking very strong and healthy!

Patrik's chinense
This is a small plant, but they all had huge roots. So I repotted them today. I think it's actually a tiny tiny flowerbud on the right plant on the picture. (The light green thing in the middle.)

Rocoto manzano grande (red)
This is not very uncommon. Two plants in one pot. One plant grows really big, and the other stays small. But I keep them together, and will probably repot them in an even bigger pot later on. I'm hoping for some good manzanos this year!

I have also repotted my Peru Yellow(s) and my cheiro from Recife. They are still quite small, but looking fine. I'm also waiting for some other tiny ones to start growing, but maybe they just are not going to make it. We'll see.

Hot regards,