Monday, 1 February 2010

First repot!

y chile plants this year are for sure of various sizes. It's really not unexpected, because some seeds are over 12 years old. Some germinate, and then die, while others strugge, and at least now seem to make it. The one in the middle of the front row on the picture below is from fresh seeds. Prik dae Luang. It's the first time I grow it, and it seems to be a fast grower.

Here is a tips how to do when the small plants have grown too tall. You simply plant them deeper in the new pot, and let just a little bit of the plant stay over the soil. The stem under the soil will develop roots, and it will get strong and good looking :-) On the left picture below you see that they are quite tall and will probably need support in order to grow OK. On the right picture, you can see how deep I have planted them.

Prik dae Luang

Olho de pombo
And even more obvious with this one.

And a few more
I really want to have some Peru yellow this year, so I decided to start some more seeds. And while I was at it, I dug deep in my seed box, and found some very old favorites. Not sure at all if they will germinate, but I give it a try.
  • Cumari Enio
  • Cumari
  • White habanero
  • Cheiro de Para Recife 2001
  • Peru Yellow '02

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