Saturday, 13 February 2010

Cardenasii, Albertos, Patriks and serrano

Time flies, and hopefully spring is getting closer. Today it's snowing and -6C. So what can be better than repotting some chile peppers :-)

CAP 1530 /97 - Capsicum cardenasii

This one is doing fine, and has developed nice strong roots. I have tried to grow this specific variety before, without realy succeeding. So I hope it works this time.

Another cardenasii that I grew some years ago was a very nice plant. Different to many other Capsicum.


Alberto's is another old C. baccatum favorite of mine. Here is a picture from previous years.

"Patrik's chinense"

I didn't expect all the seeds to germinate. So now I have six plants of this one. It's a wild chinense, and I love these small hot fruits. Even when repotting, it truly smells like a chinense. Fantastic!


And, last but not least the serrano. I underestimated the viability of the seeds. So now I have six plants of these too :-) But that's nice. I love serranos!

The whole bunch

So, this is how this year's chiles look so far. Still waiting for some tiny tiny ones to grow up. Maybe the seeds are too old. But I'm waiting patiently.


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  1. Nice progress, The pods of Alberto looks nice! I love growing peppers this time of the year, it feels as the peppers are the only hope of spring;)