Thursday, 21 January 2010

Welcome to four new varieties

Today, four more varieties have germinated!

It's one of my old favorites that I call "Alberto's". A Capsicum baccatum. I don't know the name of it. I got it from Patricia's uncle, who at that time was living on a farm outside Rio de Janeiro. Some old pictures can be found here.

Another one is "Cheiro de Para". Seeds that I took from fresh chiles that I bought on the market in Recife. A Capsicum chinense.

And another Capsicum chinense. A mild variety. Cheiro. Also from the market in Recife.

And also, my Capsicum cardenasii - CAP 1530. I tried to grow it some years ago. Without success. So I'm hoping for good luck this time!

Hopefully more to come! I'm waiting for a few other favorites to germinate.


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