Sunday, 24 January 2010

Two more! Serrano and Peru Yellow

After sampling the "Hot-Headz! Pepper Sauce Classics Serrano" yesterday, I felt an urge to grow serrano this year. I have a special relationship with the serrano. It's definitely one of my favourite Capsicum annuum.

My chile pepper passion started in Austin, Texas in 1992. At that time, "Spanish pepper" was more or less the only fresh alternative in the food stores here in Stockholm. It's a hot variety, without any real taste.

So when I came to Austin, and tasted my first jalapeño, the passion was awakened. I was sweating through more or less every lunch and dinner. Wanting to learn and experience more every day :-) Jalapeño, serrano, habanero, poblano and so on. That's when it all started. Though it took 3 years before I started to grow my own chiles.

And while I browsed through my seed list, my eyes were attracted by the line saying "Peru Yellow". It's a good Capsicum baccatum, that could be a nice colour complement to the red serrano.

I think that's going to be about it for what I will grow this year. I'm planning to give the plants a lot of space, and nice pots this year.

Status of the ones growing this year can be found here: chiles2010.
In addition, I'm overwintering my galapagoense, tovarii, tabasco, habanero, dedo de moca, chilipiquin, chacoense and rocopica. I feel that this is a good mix!



  1. Wonderful Mats!
    You grow such great peppers this year!

    One day I must try to grow the mild cherio from recife.

    This year I will be growing about 50 varaities, always to much...


  2. Hi Patrik!

    Hehe, 50 varieties! That will for sure keep you busy :-) Just tell me if you would like the cheiro seeds.


  3. Hej Mats!
    Jag har nu fått din lilla överraskning levererad hem till mig, men nu när jag ska skicka den till dig kan jag inte hitta mejlet du skickade med din adress. Måste ha raderat det av misstag, tyvärr.
    Kan du vara snäll att skicka den igen till:
    Jag är ledsen att jag är så besvärlig, men hoppas att du kommer att tycka om överraskningen.
    Ha det gott!

  4. Hi,
    You have a wonderful blog.
    I'm growing peppers too and sometimes it's very good to read about experiences of other people.