Monday, 19 October 2009

Mid October and harvest time

Mid October, and I've had the plants indoors for a couple of weeks. Some plants make the transition between the outdoor and indoor climates fine. While others just get bad, and loose their leaves. This year, it was pretty fine. Only the lanceolatum that got sad. But the plan is to get rid of most of the plants as soon as possible. So, to harvest the ripe pods have high priority.

Capsicum tovarii Major excitement that the tovarii finally has produced pods. I don't know for how many times I've tried, but as they say - never ever give up. Four pods on one plant may not be a world record, but at least I'm happy :-) I wonder how long they need to mature. Maybe a couple of months more...

Bhut Jolokia The harvest from my Bhut Jolokia plant. I like the taste of them, but they are a little too hot to handle I think. They have the characteristics of a habanero. The immediate explosive heat, but it also has the characteristics of frutescens. The heat that just grows, and doesn't give up. So I don't really know what to do with these. Maybe dry them, and make a powder. Haven't decided yet.
Tabasco I think I need to grow at least one frutescens each year. Tabasco or malagueta. It doesn't really matter. They are so good. I'm surprised that the tabasco plant managed so good to move indoors. It seems to keep the flowers, and it looks fine. In good shape. Who knows. Maybe I can harvest tabasco on Christmas Eve :-)
Capsicum lanceolatum This one is different to all the Capsicum I've grown. Haven't tasted it yet. So I have to report back later.
Long chocolate habanero Yes, this is funny. It used to be a long chocolate habanero. But this year, it was more like a red habanero. Good heat though. And quite a nice harvest. Happy guy :-) Before chopping them for the dryer. I didn't find my protective gloves, so my fingers were on fire for the whole evening... Finally. Drying. I think I will make some flakes of them, so it's easier to adjust the heat. The smell from the drying pods is fantastic!

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