Monday, 31 August 2009

A chile pepper update

The nights are getting darker, and it's cooler. So it's a race against time out on the balcony.

We picked some nice chiles this weekend. If you click on any of the pictures, you will see more pictures of that variety.

The Cheiro amarela with its unusual shape. Isn't it pretty cool?

And the Capsicum tovarii is finally flowering. I hope that the weather guys are right when they say we will have some warm days this week... These flowers don't open the same way some other Capsicum flowers do. I almost looks like a C. baccatum flower, but it is more "waxy" and more "pale".

Also the plant is different looking. Sort of stronger. More "woody". This branch is from my plant that was started from seeds earlier this year.

And also the leaves are a little different. More shiny. Somewhat resembling my old favorite Capsicum flexuosum.

And my old favorite Capsicum chacoense. Small "berries" that easily drop off the plant.

And last but not least. Dedo de moça, one of my Brazilian favorites. Wonderful to eat fresh. We eat it on crisp bread with cheese. Wonderful texture and taste!

Hopefully more later :-)

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