Thursday, 6 August 2009

Beautiful Capsicum flowers

Looking at the chile plants on the balcony, I almost feel like I can hear them growing, flowering and producing fruits. Fantastic!

Today I noticed that my Capsicum lanceolatum from last year is starting to flower. It's a small plant with its own growing behaviour, and the flowers that are starting to develop look absolutely fantastic!

I do hope it's not too late for it to produce some fruits. And I'm also very curious about how the flowers will look when they open. More pictures can be seen if you click on the image.

I've always loved the tepin/pequin/piquin plants, because of their beauty. And also of course the taste of the dried pods. So another beautiful variety this year is a chilipiquin (Capsicum annum var. aviculare). The flowers are so tiny, so I think it's hard to capture them, but one always have to try :-) More shots if you follow the link from the picture.

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