Sunday, 31 August 2014

End of August


A small update. Not much happening with the plants right now. All of them are out on the balcony, and I have not decided if I will save some for the winter. There are some nice varieties, and I like to have a quick start in 2015. So probably I will save a few. Maybe at least one of my malaguetas. We'll see. It depends on how they look in a couple of weeks :-)

Here are the ones that I picked today. For lunch. To the left, there is a baccatum. A no-name. And to the right is a chinense - Rio. Both with their distinctive taste. Not to mention the smell. When I slice them, the smell is absolutely fantastic! It almost fills the whole kitchen!

Wishing you all a great week!


Friday, 15 August 2014



Another one from Brazil!

This plant is from seeds that I got in Brazil last year. The pods were really, really tiny. A couple of millimeters, so I thought that something was wrong. Now I can see that these pods are not bigger.

So it's the smallest malagueta I have grown.

The flowers are typical frutescens.

And, here is the tiny pod. Maybe a half centimeter.
The plant is very nice looking. The leaves are (sort of) greener than my other plants.

I hope it has the time to produce some nice pods. The nights are getting cooler, but I expect them to be able to stay out on the balcony for another month.

More later!

Wishing you all a great weekend to come!


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cumari flowers


It's been a nice day! I got some pictures of my cumari flowers.

I still don't really know the species. The flowers do look like baccatum, but I'm not completely convinced. There is something about the shapet that is different.

Anyway, here are five different flower pictures :-)


Beautiful goatsweed

It's fantastic to see these pods mature. What a plant!

More pictures here =>

Hot regards,

Rio, again

This is really a beautiful plant. The pods are very decorative.

But there is something that puzzles me. The pods, even on the same plant, look different. Some are wrinkled. Some almost waxed. Some erect. Some are small, and some are like this fellow below. Like a Capsicum baccatum pendulum.

I've seen plants with different looking pods. But this one takes the prize :-)

Hot regards,

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Stockholm - question

I like to walk around in Stockholm with my camera around my neck. It's good as a change to crawling on the balcony, taking pictures of peppers :-)

I like the perspective of this one. Three landmarks of Stockholm in one shot.

Do you know where the picture is taken?


An old favorite - Alberto


Cross pollination is inevitable on a balcony, and especially when the grower (me) doesn't do anything to prevent it....

This one grow in a corner of the balcony, and I have sort of neglected it during the summer. But now, when the pods mature, it is really a beautiful plant.

We had some ripe pods on bread for lunch. They had that fantastic Capsicum baccatum taste, with a distinct heat.
The funny thing is that I expected the pods to look different. I grew the source of the seeds in 2003. The seeds originate from the farm of Patricia's uncle. Hence the name.

But... Those pods looked very different to these ones.
This is a picture from 2010. Completely different plant, and shape. (More pictures of the "old" one here =>
I don't think that I have mixed the seeds with another variety. But it's impossible to tell now....

Anyway, it's a good one :-)

Keep it hot!