Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cleaning Thursday and getting ready for the radio garden show


It's a cloudy Thursday morning, so I took the opportunity to clean the pots. I have noticed that the vermin lay their eggs in the flowerpot dishes (?). So I use steam to clean the dishes.

Not very scientific, but it's a great therapy :-) Here they are. Steamed and cleaned.

Also, don't miss today's radio show :-)
You can listen live on the Internet.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

An update - 4 varieties


Time for a small update.

CAP 1153, one of my favorite Capsicum chacoense

 It doesn't look too good. But I hope there will be some pods, so I can save the seeds.


I've lost the name of this one. It's a really big fruit. 20cm and heavy weight. I expect it to taste like a bell pepper or similar.

 And a close-up of the flowers.


OK, now we're having a heat wave, in the end of July. But this one has had a really rough start of the season. Hoping for at least some pods.

Chile de arbol

It's funny. This one is a classic variety, but I've never grown it before. I like the shape of it. The flowers are pretty, typical annuum.

Hot regards,

White fatalii


Finally. My white fatalii is ready to pick. It's taken a long time for it to develop, and it's not so easy to see when it's ready. But the white colour has deepened the last week, so I gave it a try.

Started with a small pod. It should be perfect for our tomato soup :-)

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