Saturday, 20 February 2016

Repotting Saturday


Time to repot 8 of my varieties this year. They are growing fast, and need bigger pots.

  • Serrano
  • Pimenta cambuçi
  • Chile de arbol
  • Aji chinchi amarillo
  • Mareka Fana (Berbere)
  • White fatalii
  • Peperoncino (Roumanian Giallo)
  • Dedo de moça 
It's not very often I see the roots develop 2-3 cm up on the stem. They look like swamp plants. I guess it's been too humid in the mini greenhouse.

Check out these long roots.

And here they are. Now located in the kitchen window. 

Soon we will end up with peppers everywhere. But I do grow less varieties this year. So I hope it will be a controlled chaos later on :-)

Have a great weekend!