Saturday, 19 September 2015



Harvest time. Today, I made a salsa. My favorite habanero salsa. It's called xnipec. Inspiration from Dave DeWitt's habanero cookbook, here is my recipe.

My slightly modified xnipec

2 habanero peppers
2 tomatoes, chopped
Fresh onion, chopped (amount approximately one onion).
juice from one lime
A bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped
Instead of salt, I use capers

The name Xni-pec comes from the Maya words ni (nose), and peek (dog), referring to a dog’s wet nose. This salsa can be made so hot that your nose will start dripping. That's how I like it.
The name “Xni-pec “comes from the Maya words “ni” (nose), and “peek” (dog), referring to a dog’s wet nose, since this sauce can be so hot that your nose will sweat like a dog! - See more at:

I used the red habanero that I grew this summer.

The salsa was delicious and hot. It's funny how Patricia reacts when the salsa is hot enough. Goose bumps :-)

Now we're all sneezing :-)

Have a great hot weekend!


  1. Ohhhh! Sista bilden säger väl allt! ;) Den första bilden måste du spara t 14/2! Kommer att testa receptet! Hälsa familjen! :) Kram Mia

  2. Hej Mia! Det är egentligen det enda salsareceptet man behöver :-) Lycka till! Trevlig helg! //Mats