Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Is it warm now?

I hope that the cold days are over for this spring, or summer, or whatever it is.

This is how my wind battered plants look like... Most of them are actually very nice looking. But they have had some tough days and nights in the cold winds.

The tepin hasn't enjoyed it (left), but the malagueta is fine. I picked some green malaguetas today, and had with the dinner. They were hot as !"¤#%" :-)

This wall of leaves is interesting. I don't even know how to move them out to the balcony.

The rocoto is OK. Starting to flower now. (It's our old agave in the front. Much more resistant to winds. Strong one. It has happened more than once that I have got one of the sharp "needles" in my forehead when I water the plants. It's such a strange feeling to almost hear how the bone cracks :-)

And here are some baccatum to the right. I use that protective net for a while. It's quite windy. In the upper left front, there is an aloe vera from the Azores. Considering how fast they grow, they will be huge soon. And to the left, bottom, there is my peppermint. Makes great tea!

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