Friday, 10 August 2012

Black naga

It's funny. This year I have started to almost fear the heat in some of the varieties. And that is new for me. I have eaten chile peppers for 20 years... It's the fault of all my 7 pods :-)

And this one. The black naga. It's almost like it is looking at me, smiling, knowing, how hot it will be when I eat it. Anyway, it's definitely a beautiful pod. Both in shape and in colour.

Hot regards,


  1. Hehehe, Mats, ja man ser ju smilet i frukten!!! :) Jaa, det gäller ju att odla det som går åt mest! :) Skämt åsido skulle jag gärna både odla och smaka just den, även om jag man får lära sig leva med smärtan efteråt! Ha det gott! :) Mia

  2. Hej Mia! Haha, ja, de här heta rackarna tar ju knäcken på en. :-) Tur att man har en och annan basilika också! Trevlig helg! //Mats

  3. Hello Mats! This black naga is interesting. I have bought 2010 lila bhut jolokia seeds from German eBay. 2011 I have one bush and it produced few pods. I collected seeds and germinated about 10 seeds to season 2012. All have produced first nice violet and dark violet pods. 1 bush have also quit dark leafs. Suddenly all (inc. over year mother bush) have start make red pods. I don't understand what has happen. Now this years bushes have also again violet/lila pods, but dark leafs has quit normal color back. I have fret this quite many times. I have spesial variety and next day I don't. Funny.
    So, reason why I have write this is that black naga. It have quite similar pod shape (not naga morich type) and quite same type color (not so dark). I think I have to look information about this black naga. My orginal seeds might be some hybrid version of this. I have written my lila bhut jolokia on my blog. Language is only finnish, but you can look images. ;) (at end)

  4. Hello! I'm not very good at these super hot varieties, since I have not grown enough of them. But it sounds really weird that they produce pods with different colours on the same plant. I've never seen that. The only reason I can possibly imagine is that they lack or are over exposed to some minerals or nutritients somehow. Have you changed soil or fertilizer?

    I have not tried the black naga yet. I got burned from the 7 pods I tried, and I ate a naga jolokia this weekend, so I'm sort of full :-)

    What I am very curious of is to see if they have any seeds. None of the chiles I have harvested this year has had any seeds. That is one thing I've never experienced.

    You have a very nice site, even if I don't understand :-) Nice pictures!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello!
      Thank You for commenting! :)
      Soil and fertilizer was same when different colors pods have arrived. This moment I have other fertilizer witch have lower nitrogen. But color changes might be possible from unbalanced nitrogen-potassium state. I don't know. Mine lilas have seeds, but I have collected pods too early and seed was undevelopement. Now I have collected wrong colors pods out of bush and lilas ones has have more darker. After all, this is exiting. :)

    2. Hi again!
      It sure is exciting! Good luck with your growing!

  5. Hello!
    Finally mystery has been solved. :)
    My chili is Bhut Jolokia Purple. It's not so real Bhut Jolokia, but using that name you can found something about this variety.
    More information can be found behind this link:

    Unstable pod colors is common to this hybrid variaty.

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for the update! Very interesting! I like the way you conclude. Unstable pod colors. :-)

    My pod colours are until now not unstable. They are green, and all varieties are quite, not to say very late. More about that later.

    Kind regards