Thursday, 26 April 2012

Old pictures

It's a rainy evening and I'm going through some old pictures...

These three shows what I brought home from a trip to Texas in 1996. I am happy to have big feet, because I could stuff at least some of the hot sauce bottles in my shoes that I packed in my suitcase. But I still had a super heavy hand luggage... And my check in bag was on the limit what was allowed. But, it worked! Everything came home with me, without breaking a bottle :-)

Picture below: I remember two favorites. Melinda's is one of them. And that other bottle to the right - Holy City Heat - hot sauce. Yum!

La costeña cans. Makes my mouth water! Pickled serranos! Phew! Nice!

Hot regards


  1. Hooters Hot Sauce? Var detta medans du fortfarande var singel? :-)

  2. Vilken Sherlock Holmes du är! Jo, så var det ju faktiskt. Tequilan i bakgrunden skvallrar väl också lite om prioriteringarna på den tiden :-)

  3. Is Melinda better than El Yucateco? Which Melinda? I have seen it around here quite often, I think there are 3 versions!
    How would you describe it?

  4. It's many years since I tried it. But if I remember correctly it had a distinctive fresh habanero taste. Hard to say if it's better than El Yucateco. But it's always nice with some change. So why not give it a try :-)

    My favorites are always the ones with a fresh, distinctive taste.