Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Easy = light work to grow chile != true


I have a couple of days vacation. Not doing anything particular. Just being. It's great to stop for a while, and just be.

Today it's a couple of degrees above zero. A little sunshine every now and then. And there is a hint in the air that it will eventually be spring. The ice is melting. This picture is from the park :-)

It's also that time of year when it's time to repot the chiles. You all know this already, but it takes quite an amount of soil if you have a bunch of varieties growing. So today was my go-and-shop-soil-day. We don't have a car since we live in the middle of the city, and think it's more problem to have a car than not having one. But we have this trolley. So I took the trolley out for a walk today.

So now I'm prepared for the repotting season! 9 times 18 litres of soil should be enough for me this year. Anyway, if I have to buy one or more that's OK. The good thing is that the majority is home already. I had to go two rounds to the shop today (and one last Sunday). Phew. Who said it was a peaceful light job to grow chiles :-)

  Mats :-)


  1. Oh, bra släpat och jobbat, Mats, även om du var ledig! :) säg gärna vad du tyckte om jorden sedan! Jag är alltid nyfiken på vilken som är årets bästa! :) Mia, som också börjat skola om de små!

  2. Hej Mia! Jag dammsög halva Kungsholmen på jakt efter jord, och hamnade till slut på ICA. Så det var ingen större vetenskap bakom valet. Men jag hoppas den blir bra. Jag rapporterar sen :-) Kram Mats

  3. Det är ett tufft jobb att odla chili:) kul att Ica har en ekologisk jord.