Monday, 26 September 2011

More orange baccatum

I'm home with Carl today, since he has caught the flu. So I could go out on the balcony to pick some fresh peppers.

Three of them are still out there because of all the aphids. We don't want the mess inside.

The nights are getting cooler and I think it's down to 8-9 degrees C and I would expect the aphids to go away. I think that the plants would be shocked if I bring them inside now, so I will simply leave them out there.

Usually I never keep the plants out so late in the season, but what strikes me is that the pods do not seem to mature the same way they usually do. This is my orange baccatum, and they matures over a more green colour than earlier in the season.

Pods picked today:

Pods picked over a week ago. You see that these ones have a deeper orange colour.

There is nothing wrong with the heat. I believe they are even hotter than the ones that mature earlier in the season. I wonder why. One reason I can think of is that the capsaicin is used to protect the chiles, and they think that they need better protection because of the cooler climate. Any other ideas?

Wishing you a great week!

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  1. Very nice thanks for the good wishes to you too :)