Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chile chocolate ice cream

I need to share this with you- check out this chile chocolate ice cream recipe!

 Wishing you a great weekend!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Orange baccatum

There is not much that beats home grown chiles! Small for a C. baccatum, but these two were really good!!!


Aji limon and Chuquisac

Welcome to the wonderful world of Capsicum baccatum!

I can never get enough of these flowers!

Aji limon

PI596058 - Chuquisac

To see all the latest chile pepper pictures on my homepage, you can follow this link:

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Ripe Orange baccatum pods

Finally!!! I'm getting ready to harvest a couple of orange baccatum pods.
 It's a nice size for a baccatum. Usually my baccatum plants grow very big and dominate the balcony. But these ones have behaved :-)

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why not cool down with some ...

ice cream...

My friend Anders has a passionate interest for ice cream, and his great blog with lots of inspiration can be found here:

I could not find a recipe for a chile pepper ice cream, but I'm sure that it will eventually be one there.

During the peperoncino festival in Diamante back in 2002, I remember that I had a peperoncino ice cream, and it was quite hot!

Keep it cool :-) No I mean hot...

Black Cayman

It feels like I've been chasing aphids for months, and I'm finally seeing the end of that war.

On this flower, you can still see two of them. After the picture I took care of them, so now they don't bother my Black Cayman anymore.
 This is a Capsicum chinense, so have a look at the typical chinense flowers.

Currently we have very warm and nice weather. Perfect weather for chinense :-)


Tulsi - holy basil

Yes I know. This is definitely not a chile pepper, but since I grow it, and I think that it's a beauty - I want to share these pictures with you :-)

Look at the beautiful purple colour of these flowers! I hope they produce seeds, so I can use for next season.

The leaves make excellent tea. A true yogi tea :-)



End of July, and some of my varieties are just starting to set flowers. Really really late. But at least there are fewer aphids.

I collected seeds for these malaguetas when we were in Brazil 2001. So the seeds are 10 years old. I hope that these flowers turn into pods. So I can save new seeds. I'm a big fan of frutescens.
These flowers are typical for frutescens. Many flowers per node, and they have a greenish colour.

Reminds me of the film Woman on top with Penelope Cruz. The Brazilian cook who goes to San Francisco, and cooks with malaguetas. If you haven't seen it, it's a nice movie :-)

Keep it hot!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Malabar spinach...

This one is really amazing. I'm almost 2 metres tall, and the spinach is taller than I am...

We talk about starting to eat it, but it's almost like we don't dare to eat it, because it has such powers :-)

What do you think? Do you have any nice recipes to share?


PI596058 - Chuquisac

Some pictures from the balcony today. Finally, I got an opportunity to take some pictures. One of my favorites! Capsicum baccatum!

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Florida Bird Pepper

This one is one of the "survivors" from all the aphids and winds. It seems that the most resistant varieties are the ones that are closest to be wild or undomesticated.

This is a gorgeous looking plant, and the small flowers are true beauties!


More pictures here:

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