Sunday, 17 April 2011


Phew! Busy days repotting chiles! Today I repotted three different malaguetas, Florida bird pepper, Girino, Black Cayman and St. Kitt's Red. That means that all of my peppers for this year are in their "final" pots.

Well, except one. The caronog from 2001. It's so small, so I'm still not sure if it will make it. Here it is, next to my turmeric:

Just for comparison. Check this picture below. All the seeds were planted on the same day, and compare the sizes of the plants. It's amazing to see how fast they grow when they are repotted into bigger pots. The three big ones are baccatum. I think especially baccatum takes immediate advantage from the bigger pots. They were repotted almost a month ago.

Wishing you all a nice Sunday!

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