Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Chilipiquin Manor goes to Bergianska

Today Kaili, the gardener from Bergianska came to pick up my Chilipiquin Manor for the "Het Höst" exhibition.

I've touched this topic before, but it's really a fantastic hobby! I can cook great food using the chile peppers that I grow. I can play as much as I want with my camera in the chile pepper "jungle", getting totally absorbed by the beauty of the flowers and fruits. I can make friends all over the world, exchanging seeds and information. Sharing is nice! And, I can meet great people in real life. Today was such a day. We had a great hour talking chiles and growing and all these fun things.

Here I am with my plant, saying bye bye for a while. I have picked a few pods so I can eat. Chilipiquin is a great variety. I love the peppery, dry heat of all the tepin/pequin/piquin/chilepin/chilipiquin or whatever name is used for these nice chiles.

And here is some information about Het Höst. I borrowed this picture from Patrik ( It's a nice poster.

October 1-17, 11-16 daily, in "Gamla orangeriet", entré 80 SEK. More info here:

See you there :-)

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