Friday, 30 July 2010

Mr. Bumblebee meets my rocoto grande

It is harder to get a good picture of a bumblebee on a chile flower than one can expect, but today the gods were with me :-) These rocoto flowers are huge! The biggest Capsicum flowers I've ever seen.

Aren't the flowers fantastic?!

I'm also happy to see that my manzano plants have more than 30 pods this year. 

It's a different plant. It does not grow on the height. It is probably only 30-40 cm. tall, but sort of grows sideways. Understandable to a degree, because the pods are really heavy, so I have to support the plant with chairs.

Wishing you all a nice weekend!


  1. That was, as usual, stunning pictures and an impressive patience from the person who held the camera.

    Let's hope the flower size and the pod size goes hand in hand. You will end up with scoville melons ;)

    Let us see the results please.

  2. Hi Jan!

    Thanks! I can tell you that it took more than one picture.

    Scoville melons sounds great! That is something that I sure would like to see :-)

    Have a great weekend!