Tuesday, 27 February 2007

All seedlings are repotted

End of February, and it's snowing. Summer and the chile season feels a little distant.

Image ThumbnailImage Thumbnail

The first picture is of Carl this morning... to illustrate the winter. And the second one is the fastest growing variety this year. The Aji del monte (aka. Putapario).

I think the difference in growing speed between varieties is very interesting. Growing under the same conditions, in the same kind of soil would really make me expect that they grow at the same speed. But that's definitely not the case.

I think the most important factor is the viability of the seeds. This year I'm using some quite old seeds. For example, the seed from Peter Pepper is probably 10 years old. If not 11. And it germinated fine, but now it seems to have run out of energy. We'll see.

All are repotted, and I'm looking forward to following them grow.

The ones that made it through the first repotting are:
CAP 217
Malagueta liten Salvador 2001
Aji amarillo
Orange cheiro
Chilipiquin - Manor
PI281435 - Datil
PI315024 - Lemon drop
Peter Pepper
Aji del monte o Putapario
Aji cohincho o Kitucho
Naga Morich
Dedo de moca amarela
Cumari Enio

And, it finally looks like I will be able to cut down at least a little on the number of varieties this year. :-)

Saturday, 17 February 2007

February update

I have compared my notes from 2006, and it seems that the seedlings are growing faster this year. Or is it that I have less patience this year...

Half of them (9) are already repotted in larger pots, and that is about two weeks earlier than 2006. Today Carl and I repotted:
Orange cheiro
Lemon drop
Aji cobincho o Kitucho
Dedo de moca amarela

Two weeks ago, we repotted the Aji del monte o Putapario. It's looking really good.

I will soon be back with pictures...